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"Caltech comes out on top"
For the first time, a science and engineering powerhouse leads the U.S. News academic rankings.
US news and World Report

Princeton Review online
Arguably “the best” school in the country for science and technology, Caltech is also “a weird, wacky, wonderful place.” Though some profs “cannot teach at all,” the faculty has “enough brainpower to toast bread.” So do the “imaginative” and “intense” students who study over four hours each day thanks to a “suicidal (yet effective) courseload.”
Princeton Review

Caltech tops best college list
The California Institute of Technology has been named the best college in America by U.S. News & World Report. It's the first time Caltech has topped the magazine's annual ranking of the nation's best colleges and universities.
Why Caltech matters? 
Supporting our research universities helps keep America strong.
US news and World Report