Vikram Dendi


Microsoft Corporation, Redmond WA. Jun 07 - Present
Incubation Strategy Leadership.

·         Leading business and product strategy for the largest incubation team in Microsoft Research. Acting as an EIR for the team, I have been driving the transformation of a 13 year research investment into a worldclass product team and brand.
Responsibilities range from defining the product roadmap, engagements with senior leadership and other product group execs, marketing and product management functions as well as technical leadership around user focused innovations.

Microsoft Corporation, Redmond WA. Jun 05 - Jun 07
Senior Product Manager/Planner.

·         Product Planning responsibilities for Emerging Markets Incubations

·         Product Management responsibilities for Consumer Applications & Services (WindowsMobile)

·         Product Management, Planning and Marketing responsibilities for Microsoft's Location platform, server and client offerings.

·         Help plan and build business strategy around location technology within CE & WindowsMobile

·         Interact with multiple groups and divisions across the company including MapPoint, MSN, Windows, Office, LCS etc.

·         Recruit and work closely with major customers, partners and the engineering team in developing comprehensive and compelling business value evidence

RealNetworks Inc., Seattle WA. Jun 03 – May 05
Product Manager: RealPlayer (all platforms) & Open Source Player Initiative

·         One of two product managers for product with 300+ million users

·         Responsibility for multiple player products including product requirements gathering, working with engineering team to define product feature-set, and with program management team to define product roadmap/deliverables

·         Strategy/Analysis: Formed strategic product direction plan based on user needs, resource availability and competitive landscape; used plan to interface between senior management and product team

·         Product Marketing: Public face for company's open source/community efforts; primary liaison to 10+ corporate partners; product evangelism presentations at conferences/trade shows, magazine/blog/radio interviews

Program Manager: RealPlayer & Open source Helix Player Project

·         Program Manager for RealPlayer for Unix & Project Lead for the Helix Player Project, an open-source multi-platform multimedia player and framework initiative

·         Primarily responsible to build, recruit for and execute Linux multimedia strategy, manage design, development and release of the player products

·         Accomplishments: Release of RealPlayer v10 for Unix on schedule, Best open-source project award for Helix Player, Real or Helix Player default media framework on 10+ major operating system distributions

·         Project Leadership for the Helix development community, primary contact for technical and business teams at partner companies, led formulation of revenue strategy for product and interfaced between senior management and product team

Program Manager: RealPlayer for Mac OSX

·         Program Manager for the RealPlayer for Mac OSX

·         Design, spec and manage development for v10 of RealPlayer for Macintosh and subsequent updates. Usability studies. Interaction with Third Party developers

·         Accomplishments: Release of RealPlayer v10 for Macintosh on schedule. Led team in rebuilding player from scratch to better fit the OSX interface and platform resulting in glowing feedback from customers and excellent reports from technical support team on reduced support requests

·         Communicated project status to senior management. Helped formulate premium services strategy for the Macintosh platform and interfaced between senior management and product team

Skate, Pasadena CA. (Caltech Entrepreneurial Fellowship Program) Feb 02 - Jun 03
Founder, Product Development and Business Strategy

Conceptualized and helped the team win a place in the Entrepreneurial Fellowship Program at Caltech. Designed and developed the product: a software suite for the Tablet PC platform.

·         Organized and formed the founding team of Caltech computer scientists that won incubator funding for the project.

·         Responsible for the program management efforts in building next generation software platform for education segment (Skate Platform)

·         Defined and designed Skate's prototype. Wrote market requirement documents (MRD) and product feature descriptions (PRD) for the product

·         Performed market research, validation, marketing plans and pilots

·         Coordinated marketing strategy with product team

·         Evaluated several Linux and Windows based programming environments and development and testing methodologies for the implementation of the software

·         Designed, installed and managed an Intranet and a source control system.

Skill Games Inc., New York NY. (A Walker Digital-Disney Company) June 01 - Sept 01
Strategic Consultant and Product/Invention Analyst

Designed and coordinated technology innovations for web based gaming company.

·         System architecture design and development coordination for innovative customer service system and server side technologies, in Java on the Linux platform

·         Strategic consulting and planning for the use of technology to retain customers, improve customer service, enhance playability of games

·         Responsible for interdisciplinary coordination between research team and product team to identify cost-saving and market-expanding innovation

·         Co-inventor on two pending patents (web technologies for innovative online business models - app# 20030055727 and 20030032476; see them online at

Walker Digital Laboratories, Stamford CT. June 00 - Sept 00
Invention Analyst.
Managed the invention process from idea to issued patent and beyond, exploring and developing innovative technology to support business and marketing ideas.

·         Point person for technology and engineering aspects of the invention process.

·         Coordinated interdisciplinary project teams researchers, patent attorneys and new business leaders to guide the invention and best course of commercialization.

·         Developed innovative client-server architecture for secure online gaming system.

Lycoris Linux, Strategy and Development Spring 02-Spring 03

Technology Consultant to VP

Strategize and Develop plans for Lycoris Desktop/LX, a desktop Linux operating system, in the education arena.

·         Advised company providing new Linux distribution on the development of applications and features for the education market, on marketing to colleges and universities, and on college recruiting;

·         Coordinated company-university partnership, including hardware/software donations and intern recruitment.

California Institute of Technology, Information Technology Services November 00 – August 02
ITS Student Representative.

·         ITS Student Representative, Responsible for Computer Lab and Networking for Student Dormitory.

·         Responsible for setup and maintenance of systems based on Linux, AIX (Unix), Windows, Solaris, BSD, Mac OS

Pittsburg State University, Student Affairs Division Aug 97 - sep 99
Web Architect, Systems and Network Administrator reporting to the Vice President.  

·         Web Architect, Systems and Network Administrator reporting to the Vice President.

·         Responsible for computer systems and equipment for the nine divisions under the office.

·         Full-cycle work with systems based on AIX (Unix), Windows NT, Mac OS from purchase planning to maintenance.


Graduate Fellow, Entrepreneurial Fellowship Program. California Institute of Technology (2002-present)

·         Unique Caltech institution - highly competitive entrepreneur training/technology incubator program; see also Experience

·         One of the ten students selected for the exclusive fellowship program, training technical students in engineering management

·         Fellowship coursework in leadership, marketing, accounting, business law, strategy, planning, team development, presentation skills, communication

Bachelor of Science, Engineering and Applied Sciences. Graduated with Honors. California Institute of Technology (June 2002)

·         One of the only seven transfer students admitted 1999

·         Sherman Scholarship, Richard Von Hagen Scholarship

·         Coursework in Computer Science, Engineering and Management; Transcript available

·         Research in the field of Computer Human Interaction, Intelligent Interfaces

Projects and Research:

Skate - The Student Digital Assistant (Design Lead) Fall 2001- Present

·         Software platform running on top of Tablet PC

·         Managed the development process as part of Software Design (CS40) class

·         Leverages Digital Ink, .NET framework technologies

·         Research into text smoothing, morphing and interfaces with Dr. James Arvo

Computer Human Interaction – Intelligent Agents, Social Behavior Fall 1999 – Spring 2002

·         Conceptualize and design “Minder”, a socially interactive web ‘valet’ agent

·         Finalist in the “Times-Orange Futurology Contest 2001”

·         Earlier research in computer modeling of biological systems, research and design of embodied conversational agents, AI, interface design for a ‘believable’ robot, facial animation and 3D modeling with Dr. Alan Bond

Micropayments – Strategies and Technologies 2000-2001

·         Research toward creating a better micropayment solution, first as classwork project and later as an advisor to startup

·         In-depth research and analysis into current and past payments processing models and technologies behind them

·         Advised CEO of micropayment startup on technology planning, project management issues, staffing and personnel issues, and competitive analysis